Why Antibacterial Soap Is Not A Good Idea

Why Antibacterial Soap Is Not A Good Idea

Why Antibacterial Soap is not a Good Idea

Perhaps you have seen or even used antibacterial soap. Judging from the name alone, it appears that the soap offers extra protection. However, you may have been a victim of one of the modern and cunning marketing strategies.

Scientists have studied these “antibacterial” soaps, and there was no proof that over-the-counter antibacterial soaps can prevent diseases than an ordinary soap. To make matters worse, there may even be negatives consequences on your health when you use this kind of soap, and these effects come from the ingredients that were used to make these soaps.

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In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration issued a rule that prohibited the marketing of antiseptic wash products that has antibacterial active ingredients. This is because the FDA received very little information regarding the safety and efficacy of those products. The manufacturers have not proven that the ingredients used to make these products do not have adverse consequences in the future. Moreover, they have not proven that the ingredients in their antibacterial soaps are more effective than that in ordinary soaps.

Doctors recommend using ordinary soap and actually clean your hands properly if you want to maintain good hand hygiene. Ordinary soaps are good enough to kill the germs on your hands.

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So, what is Antibacterial Soap?

Basically, antibacterial soap has special chemicals that prevent bacterial infection. Many kinds of liquid antibacterial soaps contain triclosan, which can harm the environment as well as disrupt some hormones functions in our body. You can easily tell what an antibacterial soap is if you look closely at the label.

About Triclosan…

Triclosan has been found in many other products, too. They exist in clothing, kitchenware, and toys, all to prevent bacterial contamination. Because of that, we are more vulnerable than we first expected. To make matters worse, our increased use of this chemical has led to the increased resistance to antibiotics in bacteria. That is never a good sign. That means that if you have a serious illness that is caused by some bacteria, then some of the affordable antibiotics may not work anymore.

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You may be wondering what you should do. Well, you can save some money and potentially protect your own health by simply washing your hand with normal soap and water. Just make sure you clean them properly and you should be protected. But it doesn’t have to stop there. If you are bored of the ordinary bar of soap, you can switch to liquid hand soap or even foaming hand soap to save both the planet and your money. For home use for foam hand soap, we recommend you use Lebath Automatic Soap Dispenser, as it is compatible with foam soap. Lebath Automatic Hand Soap is also compact and quite resilient for its price. Plus, it dispenses soap automatically, so you can really limit the bacterial spread.

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