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Latest Automatic Soap Dispenser For Kids

Shenzhen Lebath Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2018

How to attract children to love washing hands

Lebath-Kids is coming!


1) Sensor foam helps kids to wash hands by themselves

Accompany children grow up healthily

2)Small cutie follows baby’s babbles

Adorable Lebath-Kids repeat children’s talking 

3)Lovely Voice Prompt, Happy Clean

A variety of sounds to inspire children's curiosity

4)Magic & Cute Glowing ears 

High-quality silicon is the best choice of wise mother

5)Two modes are switchable on hand washing and taking a shower

Hand washing - foaming 0.5 second, foam volume 10ml

Taking a Shower - foaming 3 seconds, foam volume 60ml

6)The open inlet for choosing suitable foam soap

  Match with 98% foam soap on the mareket

7)Lithium charging    Environment-friendly

Slow rise battery compartment, without battery change cost

8)Traceless & No-drill installation

Sweet gifts for Mom with easy installation

9)Clear indicator, Easy to refill

10) IPX4 Waterproof

11) Resistant to humid environment

12) Perfect & Delicate Design

Originality and unique work for you